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The windows and doors today are faced with high standards, such as durability, easy-care, good thermal insulation. The products are made individually by size, after arriving for measurement, different design and the way of opening (turning – tilting windows, one-part, two-part, three-part etc. windows, balconies, outdoor - internal doors). Frame color can be selected according to wishes and opportunities, and adapted to other building elements.

Kommerling 88
komerling 6 88Innovation for seeking the best result, preserving the heat at home. Premium quality 6-chamber profile, fitted together with three-glass package allows achieving extremely low thermal conductivity, according to requirements for Smart house. Because of exceptionally good quality is the most commonly used in private homes and new constructions.

komerling 5 70 Kommerling EuroFutur Classic – 5-chamber profile is the solution to get the best price and quality ratio. The most demanded Kommerling profile in Europe. The price of standard product is acceptable for most buyers and the quality is ahead of time. Extremely universal product – possible to achieve very high requirements for characteristics of the window and the design requests of customer.

VEKA Softline 70

Tveka softlineThe high quality 5-chamber profile, characterized by high thermal and sound insulation properties, easy care and maintenance.

veka alphaline 90 The outer chamber of frame is additionally insulated with the liner of polystyrene, which improves the heat transfer coefficient to Uf = 1W/ (m2K). Frame thickness of 90 mm allows using 3-piece glass of 44-50 mm and the gaps of 16 mm between glasses filled with argon gas. The overall heat transfer coefficient of such window is Uf = 08-0.9W/(m2K). The window sash has three seals, which make the camera protected from moisture.


aluplast idealThe frame thickness of the system is 120mm and the using part is 70mm. The windows opening to the outside are good for tightness of fixation. The wind is stronger, the fixation is better, the windows are pressing to the frame and to the rubber seals tighter because of wind power. These windows are glazed with 2-piece or 3-piece glasses with the plastic frames. The overall heat transfer coefficient of such window is Uf = 1.05W/(m2K).


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