Glass is one of the key components in the manufacturing of glass packs determining numerous functions of glass packs. Glass packs are produced using 2 or 3 glass sheets.

Glass of the following types is used in manufacturing of glass packs:
  • transparent;
  • toned in mass;
  • filmed glass (heat insulation and sun control films):
    • 1. hard coverage (pyrolitical)
    • 2. soft coverage.
  • decorative.
All glass units of such kinds can be tempered or laminated. All glass used in the manufacturing of glass packs is purchased from well-know European producers and comply with the requirements of European Standards.

Divider frame

 Divider frames are used for division of glass sheets in a pack at a given distance as well as for insertion of adsorbent.

The following fames can be used in manufacturing of glass packs:
  • aluminium;
  • "warm edge" (plastic, fibreglass or other materials);
  • stainless glass.
Aluminium frames are used most often in manufacturing of glass packs. "Warm edge" and stainless steel frames are used for improvement of the heat qualities of glass packs.


 It is the material used for reducing of humidity inside the glass pack. Adsorbent is inserted into the remote frame.

Primary sealant

 Butyl (polyisobutylene) is used for covering of sides of the remote frame filled with adsorbent and for gluing it to glass. This is the material which ensures hermetic qualities of the pack and protects the product against humidity and gas leakage.

Secondary sealant

 External sealant (polysulfide) is used for mechanical reinforcement of a glass pack and securing its hermetic qualities.

Filling of the space between glass units

The space between glass units can be filled with the following gasses:
  • air;
  • argon;
  • krypton;
  • gas compound.


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